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What would make you happy and fulfilled? What are you passionate about?

What’s keeping you stuck? What is holding you back from going after your dream?

Do you believe you can accomplish your life goals?

What is it that you truly want from life... and what is your plan to accomplish it? I invite you to stop waiting for the right moment. This is your opportunity to say YES to your life and your future and take the necessary first step towards your new life journey.

Reiki Healing Session

$100 per hour 

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing process. I work with the body's natural energy fields to improve balance and reach a sense of inner peace.

Reiki is used all over this world to bring healing and to enhance overall wellness to your mind, body and soul. It works to address the physical, mental and emotional concerns that can prevent us from achieving balance and proper health in alignment with our mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is a unique experience for each individual and will leave you feeling calm, relaxed and content within your body.

Please Note: Angel's Reiki Healing is Not massage therapy and is not meant to replace a medical doctor. There is no contract to skin in this healing session, merely energy healing which can be boosted with crystals. 

Intuitive & Tarot Readings

$150.00  for indepth 60 minutes reading 

Personal readings catered to your concerns. My readings can answer questions on career/finances and relationships.

Life Coaching

$150.00 per session

Life & Career coaching starts with realizing your true, authentic self and discovering your deepest and most meaningful desires. Whether you have already achieved a great level of ‘success’ but wonder if there is more to life, or you are unsatisfied with your current life situation, I am here to provide guidance and support in creating collaborative goals towards reaching your best self.

Working with Crystals and Numerology

$75.00 per session

Guidance on choosing the right crystals for you and what they can do to enhance your life. Interpreting hidden messages associated to numerology.

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